let us build a better world

  We have endured long periods of scarcity and suffering, a number of people are desperately searching for opportunities to better their lives but to no avail. We are living in a generation were most people seem to be giving up on life because they believe there is no hope for the future.All these and many other hurdles seem to continue to haunt many communities in our country Uganda and one wonders if there are no solutions to these prevailing challenges we continue to face.

To find solutions to these, we have set out to design a platform that we believe will help us a great deal to forge solutions to the most pressing problem.We strongly believe that Uganda has a lot of untapped potentials to transform itself but it lacks the frameworks to get people involved.

We strongly believe that young people in Uganda, when equipped with good knowledge can develop the nation and drive it to the desired direction for economic progress.

How? We want to spearhead the use of design and technology to build life changing experiences.We want to teach and encourage computer programming and computing sciences and engineering in the nation to empower this generation to build a better world.

We understand that this is only the beginning of the journey but given the passion and hard work, we will surely achieve this.This is the commitment we have made and we will never rest until this land becomes a first world. God bless you.

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